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Butiama District Capital Structure Plan, Butiama, Tanzania

After becoming District Capital and subject to substantial development, combined with the ambitions to develop the city into a national centre of cultural interest line in with the life and thought of late Mwalimu Nyerere, FBW was assigned to develop a structure plan. Furthermore, Butiama wished to develop itself as a centre of education, with various schools already established and the planned Mwalimu Nyerere United World College for Self-Reliance as the crown.

The plan reflects the uniqueness of Butiama, respecting its history, celebrating the present and making the future possible in a professional and realistic way. Various natural and geographical qualities were researched and mapped before integrating them in the final proposal. Also educational, cultural and recreational opportunities were identified and carefully combined.

The main themes for Butiama are the promotion of local strengths, such as natural and cultural assets attracting tourism, but also celebrating the landscape and Nyerere’s Heritage site. Furthermore future development is envisioned in the new District Administrative HQ and strengthening of education. These items can be found back in the many layers of the master plan that include amongst others, strategies for infrastructure, urbanization and housing.

Project Details

Name Butiama District Capital Structure Plan
Location Butiama, Tanzania
Date of Design 2013-2015
Area 10,000Ha
Client Government of Tanzania through Hon Nimrod Mkono MOP for Butiama District