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Michenzani Green Corridors Plan, Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Michenzani Green Corridors Plan encompasses the upgrading of the two major streets of the future city centre of Zanzibar and envisions traffic calming, upgrading of the pedestrian space and landscaping. The plan was created only after thorough contextual research and in close collaboration with and training of- the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DoURP) of Zanzibar.

It was believed that the upgrading of the public space in Zanzibar City Centre cannot be regarded as a standalone exercise in pavements, infrastructure and tree planting, but must be thought out in conjunction with the rapid development. This scheme design enhances existing and introduces new nodes of activities and hints at the most natural and realistic development of these nodes into a coherent City Centre. On the basis thereof, the arrangement of public space and greening are based.

Open space and green form the quintessence of the plan. Through the use of various indigenous tree and plant species, distinctions are made between the streets and walkway. The trees and shading, together with improved pavements, street lighting and -furniture, optimizing drainage and creating activities in and along the open spaces will secure an attractive pedestrian realm in the city centre of Zanzibar.

Project Details

Name Michenzani Green Corridors Plan, Zanzibar
Client World Bank for the Department of Urban and Rural Planning of the Government of Zanzibar
Location Zanzibar
Date of design 2016
Project team Department of Urban and Rural Planning of the Government of Zanzibar and African Architecture Matters