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Butiama District Capital Structure Plan --  Julius Nyerere University of Science and Technology

Butiama in Mara Region is the natal city of Julius Nyerere, the father of the Tanzanian nation, has been recently designated as capital of Butiama District. Butiama is to become the new cultural and economic heart of Mara Region. The city will consist of two historical cores, Butiama and Kiabakari, that will grow together. The Kiabakari core will be developed as economic activities centre and mobility hub with an airport and Butiama core will be developed to become the cultural and educational centre with the Mwalimu Nyerere Heritage Trail and the Julius Nyerere University of Science and Technology (JNUST).

The Structure Plan, as a well as the Masterplan for the JNUST were drawn by FBW in 2013-2015 and focus on sustainable development, mixed-use density, pedestrian oriented urbanization, whilst preserving and protecting the natural and agricultural landscape, which is of great beauty and importance.

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