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Sliway Seaview Hotel

Slipway Seaview

Slipway is an old shipyard on the Msasani Peninsula north of Dar es Salaam CBD. From the late 1980s, FBW has been involved in the redevelopment of the shipyard into a multiuse complex, encompassing retail, a hotel, various restaurants and cafés, offices and studios, a mooring site and jetty. Over time, Slipway became a famous place for Dar es Salaam residents and visitors for  leisure and encounter. It is a low-threshold centre, open to all, possibly the only urban waterfront of Dar es Salaam where everyone, except for the car, is welcome. The complex consists of six individual buildings: Terrace, TingaTinga, Sun Palace, Souk, Boathouse, and recently Seaview,  a four-story hotel with shops and restaurants on the ground floor. The buildings are interconnected with bridges, streets, plazas and staircases, creating public floors on the street and the quay levels.

The next stage will be completion of the waterfront, a lush secret garden and gthe redevelopment of the old, central Boathouse.

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