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Villa Arumeru, Usa river, Tanzania

The site acquired by the client on the slopes of Mount Meru is of breathtaking beauty. The views into the various directions are equally compelling: to the west to Mount Meru, to the East to Mount Kilimanjaro and to the South onto the Maasai steppe. It was therefore decided to have a square plan with equal vistas to all sides, and verandas around to enjoy the great gardens as well.

The house is naturally ventilated and well protected against sun and downpours by a flying pyramidal roof with a central chimney – as the house is heated with a central fireplace to chase the chill during the evenings in the cool season.

The clients desired a modern interpretation of the traditional planters’  house in black and white, as a backdrop to the lush gardens from the outside and their colorful art collection indoors.

Project Details

Name Villa Arumeru
Client Private client
Program Residential
Location Usa River, Tanzania
Date of design 2007-2009